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HR Payroll cloud software by Fakhruddin Information Technology (FIT) makes tiring HR jobs in a few simple clicks. You don’t need an expert to keep HR records! our HR Payroll software is so simple; anyone can check it. All your data and documents are in one section. reporting is a breeze, representative self-service saves you both time and energy, even now you have time to focus on people, not on paper. HR Payroll management software helps improve the performance and efficiency of the company by automating staffing, compliance, pay, recruitment and management processes. It consolidates all these components in a convenient position, making all representative data available to all associated staff.

HR Payroll software solutions by Fakhruddin Information Technology (FIT) have proven to be a significant asset in almost any business background. Even small, medium and large organizations are letting go of the idea that HR management systems are the expensive, lush extensions they don't actually need, because the long-term accumulation of HR automation protects far beyond the limit of what they would waste to produce a product.

There is no coordinated description of HR tracking software that could contain all the extraordinary perspectives of this mechanization, but by default it unites all personnel management and recruitment systems used to improve company productivity. The purpose of Fakhruddin Information Technology (FIT) Your payroll system software is to consolidate various administration and human resources processes in a centralized place from which the administrator can also assign tasks, evaluate and monitor progress, and compensate for the best performance in the company.

Fundamentally, HR Payroll software takes you a step further in improving decision-making and thus looks like a lite, contested cost.

How does HR management software functionality work? Not with standing of the HR products platform being among the most assorted software aspects, almost all HR Payroll software system packages come down to a determined assortment of management aims.

Benefits of Using Our HR Payroll Management Software

  1. Digitized Employee Database:The primary purpose of Fakhruddin information technology Human Resource Management software is to digitally collectively put all representative data that can be efficiently maintained and recovered at the time of requirement. This advances the overall productivity of the organization by extirpating the need for preserving countless files with comprehensive workforce details.
  2. Performance Management:Fakhruddin Information Technology HR Payroll system software enables the HR managers to control and monitor each employee's performance and achieve a sheer spectacle of their intensities and powerful abilities. This administration is beneficial in offering specialized training to representatives, giving bonuses, reviewing appraisals as well as enhancing the overall potency of the organization.
  3. Employee Self-Help Portals:Employee Self-Help Portals enable your representatives by enabling them to reach and control their private data and retain it well-upgraded, for example, any variation in marital status, the address, etc. This considerably streamlines interaction and preserves the HR manager's vast amount of efforts and time for other essential operations.
  4. Recruiting Systems:Fakhruddin Information Technology HR management system software efficiently handles a broad range of application forms and encourages the managers in determining the most assuring talent. Correlating the system to the database of employees can later assist in promptly transforming the data from the application form within a file of the employee without any trouble.
  5. Payroll Software:Fakhruddin Information Technology HR Tracking software comes with a computerized payroll system that depreciates the requirement for outsourcing payroll to any service provider outside the organization. The payroll system can directly be associated with the employee data, time and business payroll software. This assists in precisely determining employee wages and other advantages by eliminating all the chances of delusion.

We are pleased that you are interested in our HR and payroll processing software. Streamline a wide range of tasks once you've eliminated the need to manually handle your administrative operations. A wide range of tasks can be digitized using our cloud HR management software system, let's look at some of these:

  1. System Management & User Roles:Manage workflows, verify users, and handle your entire organization and functionalities with comfort
  2. Performance Tracking:Track your employee's real-time performance and suggest the immediate actions to improve it.
  3. Time/Leave Management:Formulate and maintain different types of holiday and timing-related issues in your business.
  4. Recruitment process:Smooth the recruitment cycle and management process with our on-boarding and recruitment module.
  5. Personal Information Management (PIM):Perfect organization of your HR data, collect all your representative data wherever you are on the planet.

Are you tired of manually taking care of employee spreadsheets and it has become a headache for you to manage and work on them in time? HR management system by Fakhruddin Information Technology (FIT) would be a perfect solution for you to get relief from all these management headaches. Using Fakhruddin Information Technology human resource management system, you automate all your tasks and operations that are included in the daily functionality of your organization, such as Employee timesheet management, performance management, recruiting system management, wealth management, payroll management, etc. All these tasks can be managed in a few simple clicks using HR Payroll management system by Fakhruddin Information Technology (FIT).

HR Payroll: HRMS & ESS

Modules of HR Payroll

  • Exclusive HR Dashboard
  • Exclusive Employee Self Service Dashboard
  • Companies Database
  • Employees Information Database
  • Payroll Processing and Employees Benefits
  • Leave and Time Off Manager and Planner
  • Employees Achievements and Generating Certificates
  • Track Company Vehicles Usage and Services
  • Public Relation Officer Transactions
  • Asset Manager and Tracker
  • Software Master Settings
  • Leave Categories
  • Photo Galleria
  • Events & News
  • Employees Birthday / Events
  • Administration Room
  • Expired Documents Room
  • Approval/Rejection for Employees Amendment Requests
  • Full Notification System on Portal and/or by Email

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HR Payroll is a full responsive web application, mobile friendly built using latest technology of Java Server Faces equipped with Mysql Database can be hosted on an online server (VPS) or on your own local network to provide access to your employees worldwide.

ESS portal

Employees Can access their Employee Self Service (ESS) portal to check their data and to send requests to update their information on demand and to apply for their leave and return.

HR Payroll Team

HR and Payroll Teams can get access to all information anytime from any place of the world and to update them whenever needed and to approve or reject requests of employees and to generate payroll data on monthly basis.

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HR Payroll: HRMS & ESS

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The price structure is very simple.

Pay one time and own the software with perpetual license EVER with one year free upgrades.

NO subscription fees, No monthly/annually or recurring fees.

No limit, create as many as you need Companies, Employees, Users, etc...

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HR Payroll: HRMS & ESS

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